Why Cyprus

10pass.com is an affiliate of  Healthy Healing Cyprus and we are delighted to be offering  AFFORDABLE Ten Pass Ozone. Unlike most practices which are charging between 900 -1100 dollars, with Healthy Healing, you can book 10 pass ozone sessions for just 150 euro per session.   As one ten pass session equates to 30 MAH ozone sessions, therefore  not only is this a very affordable way to partake of ozone and recover your health, its also a big time saver.


Caroline Carter, the founder of 10pass & Healthy Healing believes ozone therapy saved her life when she was struck down at the age of 28 with a mysterious illness. After several years of being misdiagnosed and with her health in serious decline Caroline heard about ozone therapy and traveled to India to try the treatment.                                                                                                                                             

In India the mysterious condition was discovered to be Lyme disease.  Once diagnosed  she was treated daily with high dose ozone for 8 weeks as part of an overall wellness plan.

Her subsequent  recovery was so remarkable and swift that she decided there and then to dedicate her life to treating those in a similar position with affordable ozone and natural therapies.

Why Cyprus?

Why Cyprus Ten Pass

The eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus is among the world’s best-loved holiday and retirement destinations, not only because of the sun, sea and hospitality but there is a lot more.

Combining healthcare with a relaxing holiday offers the benefits of top medical treatment at cost effective prices, coupled with the opportunity to recuperate on a beautiful sunshine island that is restorative to the mind and soul, as well as the body.

Why Cyprus Ten Pass

Cyprus is a very popular choice for medical tourism, thanks to a large array of modern private hospitals and clinics; excellent facilities with state-of-the-art equipment, and experienced and highly-qualified doctors and medical staff – largely trained in Europe or the USA. As such, it offers a one-stop service from treatment to recuperation.

From annual check-ups, cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, physiotherapy, kidney dialysis, cardiac care, dental and surgical procedures, to infertility treatment and now AFFORDABLE Ten Pass Ozone treatments, the island offers attractively priced healthcare holidays, with added incentives and advantages.


Why Healthy Healing?


We are fast gaining a reputation for THE place to go for Ten Pass Ozone. This is not only due to our realistic charges for ten pass but also the bespoke infusions that are available to combine with Ten Pass Ozone.

By combining 10 pass treatments with infusions of amino acids, procaine and DCA we are finding most of our clients responding much faster than with 10 pass alone and feeling better within 10-14 days.



  • Skype Consultation to determine suitability: FREE
  • Doctors Consultation Fee: 100 euro. Paid on booking your initial appointment
  • Ten Pass Ozone or part thereof 150 euro. Payable on reserving treatments.
  • Infusions: Various charges
  • Live Blood analysis before and after ten pass treatment – 80 euro
  • If you would prefer a full program see  Healthy Healing Cyprus where a four week package starts from as little 4500 euro.

Why Cyprus Ten Pass